Manage Mac in SCCM

Take Mac management to the next level with Parallels Mac Management and Microsoft SCCM.

Attend this 30-mins live webinar (in EN) where our experts will answer all your questions about effectively enforcing compliance and managing Mac, just like Windows PCs, with Parallels Mac Management for SCCM.


Free Webinar
Jun 19th 3:00 PM CET

Parallels Mac ManagementParallels Mac Management

Makes SCCM ready for Mac

Companies that already use Microsoft SCCM for managing PCs often underestimate the value of their SCCM solution when they bring Mac in. Parallels Mac Management plug-in not only extends Microsoft SCCM to manage macOS, but also leverages 10+ years of Windows administration experience by scaling it toward Mac computers.

Discover and Enroll
Via Apple DEP, Network, and SCCM AD System discoveries

Inventory and Reporting
Hardware and software inventory from managed Mac computers, compliance settings reports, user log-on information, and software metering

Deploy Application, Patches, and macOS Images
Package and application deployment models, self-service applications portal, macOS deployment, and patch management

Enforce Compliance and Security
FileVault 2 full-disk encryption, enforce compliance via SCCM baselines, and macOS specific configuration items